Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Another design by me XD. This time is a logo but it seems more like a background to me. This logo about a stress service name Yukai. My friend asks me about the style and concept and I gave this one to him (its not really an answer lol).
I designed this one in kind of trendy style and a little bit of pop art. As you can see the color is pop art but the back ground full of organic lines, a mix style ^^! I edited the fonts to make it more impressed and added 2 arrows to make it more pop art :D.
Thx u for reading. Feel free to comment, I love comment, either applause or kicking my butt. Plz comment :D.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Website panel

Hi there! This is a panel I made for my own website, Doggy Friendsite. The theme for this site was doggy and u can see a big dog foot print on the right corner.

There are just 2 main colors in this design, quite simple and look Grey-scale. It was mostly done on Illustrator and edited on Photoshop for some effects.

I hope received some comments for this design either good or bad. Thank you for viewing!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

JAZZ logo

Just another new design. I made this logo is just for fun, in fact it is not really a logo, I designed this one to place it on my bike. The idea came up when I saw a trailer of Transformer the movie on TV. There is an Autobot named Jazz, a fighter, and he is pretty cool but death on the battlefield teared into 2 pieces. So I decided to go after the hero...

First the design just had only one color, dark red and it seemed a little boring so I added some black. 2 black bars help balance each other along with the typography. But I am still a little bit concerned about the color mix so that if you can leave any comments, I would really appreciate. Thx for reading!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Feeling Heart

This is another free-style of me. Comming form the idea designing for t-shirt and emo style, I have made this one. Through the 'Sun and Moon' excercise, I wanted to create another design for t-shirt and this time was typography. This is kind of for emo, the heart which is already injuried is now having a bad time, kind of like a double hurts (ya I know, painful, but this is emo).

This design is quite simple, not any special thing, my style is minimal so I do not make fancy stuff.

Feel free to comment, the more feedback I get the more delightful I am. Thanks you for your time.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


This design is one of my free-style. I have quite a big music library, a part of them came form albums and I have all the covers for the albums but another part is single and when I looked at it, it was missing the cover. So... this is my 'Single Cover Design'.

All of this design was made in Illustrator, form the text, background to the effects. As you can see in the design, the background is gradient form black to gray
and has transparent lines came form the 45 degree angle. In the middle of the design, you actually can not see any lines (just bacause they are a same colour) and that the place I intended to place my text there. But there was a problem, the text was too small to fit in and I had to change its angle.

Please leave comments about the text placing (I m still very confused about the 2 cases) and any idea about this design. Thanks you for your time!!!

Sun and Moon

This is the the "Sun and Moon" design which I had been given. Just a simple design and do not really have many effects in. Hope u like it, enjoy!!!