Sunday, November 30, 2008

JAZZ logo

Just another new design. I made this logo is just for fun, in fact it is not really a logo, I designed this one to place it on my bike. The idea came up when I saw a trailer of Transformer the movie on TV. There is an Autobot named Jazz, a fighter, and he is pretty cool but death on the battlefield teared into 2 pieces. So I decided to go after the hero...

First the design just had only one color, dark red and it seemed a little boring so I added some black. 2 black bars help balance each other along with the typography. But I am still a little bit concerned about the color mix so that if you can leave any comments, I would really appreciate. Thx for reading!!!

1 comment:

Dim Sum said...

This is quite good. I like the negative space that has been created. You should do more. You're a much better designer when you are playful.